Engineering Days 2011


6th - 7th December 2011

Imperial Riding School Vienna, A Renaissance Hotel

Vienna, Austria

ProgramList of exhibitors

Opening lecture

Building in the Future, Visions from the Prefab Sector A. van Acker

Session 1: Industrial Planning, Production, Construction

BIM in Precast Construction – and Integration of Insert Part Catalogues, B. Firmenich | R. NeubauerIndustrial Planning in Reinforced Concrete and Pre-stressed Precast Construction, G. Wehrle | F. SchellerIntegrated Planning and Control of a Precast Company with Distributed Production Facilities, F. Lorenzoni | T. LeopoldsederProduction Plants of the 90s are Equipped for the Future, M. Obinger

Session 2: Energy-efficient Precast Elements

Efficiently Designed – Insulated, Multilayered Wall and Cladding Elements, J. Eibl | L. HeintzFrom an Idea to the Realization, Automated Manufacturing of Insulated, Multilayered Wall and Cladding Elements, A. Straßmeier | C. HanserEfficient Production of Insulated Precast Concrete Components by the Use of Automated Production Processes, P. MarriéHigh Level Insulation with Thermic Connectors, A. DeckerBuilding-integrated Photovoltaics – A Chance for Prefab Construction, H. Hullmann

Session 3: Product Innovations in Planning

Inserts as "Intelligent Steel" in Precast Concrete Construction, K. P. GehHollow-core Elements – a Story of Integration, S. MaasBuilding Services – an Integral Part of Precast Elements, F. ProchinerDrawings and Components – Available Duly, Exactly and Distinctively with TIM, B. Heilmeier | P. KafkaProduction Data Acquisition in the Concrete Precast Industry, R. BorowanOn the Way to μm, B. SagmeisterPrecast Elements with Ultra High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC), L. Heintz

Session 4: Product Innovations in Production

Machine Technology for Manufacturing of High Quality Concrete in Precast and Concrete Goods Plants, M. BarthelContactless Systems for an Efficient and Transparent Production W. CieplikModernization and Increasing Efficiency in Existing Reinforcement Preparation Plants, H. RapperstorferSynergies in Precast Plants, D. KienböckPossibilities and Recent Developments in Robot Technology, H. WeckenmannApplications for Articulated Robots in Pallet Circulation Plants, K. Panek | R. BraunInvestments Will Pay Off!, H. Kunze